Joanne's Music Studio

How do I know my child is ready for lessons?

  • Know ABCs
  • Ability to say and write A-G (with supervision)
  • Ability to count and write numbers 1-5 (with supervision)
  • Ability to color with crayons or color pencils
  • Follows simple instructions

All registered students will be provided login credentials to where payments, lesson attendance, studio calendar, etc. will be recorded.

Studio Calendar Year: September through May
Summer Lessons: Option to pay for pre-selected number of lessons for the quarter (June - August)

Lesson Notes & Points System: 
We use a notebook and points system that not only help parents and students understand what needs to be worked on and how well they are doing week by week, but is also intended to motivate students to practice and achieve the next prize. We try to be as detailed as possible in weekly notes and the point system awards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies presented at our Annual Spring Recital and Award Ceremony.

Music Appreciation: 
Besides weekly lessons, performance opportunities, and daily practice, it is also highly recommended that a student be exposed to other music performances as part of their music education. These can be concerts, talent shows, band performances, musicals, etc. Most of these are free and available to you from your local community (i.e. High Schools, college, etc.). Students are awarded extra-credit points for attending any musical performance.

Performance Opportunities: 
There will be at least 3 performing opportunities for all students and are highly recommended. Performing in public not only gives students an ability to overcome nervousness and build confidence, but is also a way to give back to the community as well as creating wonderful memories with family and friends. Students are awarded extra-credit points for public musical performances.

Exam Opportunities:
Most of our students participate in the Trinity College of London or the Music Development Program exams and will attain their Associates Degree by the time before they graduate High School. These credits can be applied as U.S. High School or College credits (up to 10 credits) and are wonderful resume additions either for college or job applications.

Preferred Communication: 
It is essential that we maintain good communication for your and/or your child's progress. While email is the best form of communication, teachers would be more than happy to meet with or speak to you on the phone. Please arrange a convenient time with your teacher.

Student Preparation: 
As with most other subjects, preparation is essential to the success and rate of progress of the student. Therefore, it is strongly advised that students practice a minimum of the equivalent lesson time per day, 6 times a week (i.e. 30 minutes of practice 6 times a week for a 30 minute lesson, 45 minutes of practice 6 times a week for a 45 minute lesson, etc.)

A word of caution: The goal is to practice efficiently and effectively according to the assignment for the week (provided in the assignment book). Repetitive practice without focus on the purpose of the assigned achievement could very well be wasted effort.

Tuition is non refundable and is assessed quarterly. NEW students beginning mid-quarter will be pro-rated based on the remaining number of weeks in the quarter. Please note that tuition may be adjusted yearly. 

Late and returned payments will be assessed current fees. Please speak with your teacher should you anticipate a late payment.

Studio Conduct: 
Kindly drop off and pick up on time. Please open the door and come in upon arrival. If I am busy with another student, please sit quietly until I am ready for you. Parents and siblings are welcome to stay during lessons, but please ensure that you do not disrupt the class in session. Children not taking lessons should not be left unattended.

Please silence cell phones prior to arrival.

Roaming around is strictly prohibited. Any intrusion into my family's personal space will not be tolerated. It is expected that my studio and home be treated with respect. You will be held accountable for all damages and related expenses incurred by you and/or anyone you bring into the premises with you.

Fee/Policy Changes: 
While I do my best to inform existing students of any changes made to the fee/policy, please note that they may be changed from time to time with or without prior notice.