Is there a registration fee? 
No, there is no registration fee. You only pay for lessons and any materials or assessments purchased on your behalf.

Would you be willing to come to my home to teach me or my children?   
Unfortunately, due to my tight schedule, I am unable to make any house calls. All lessons are held at my studio.

When I sign up, am I committing for an entire year? 
No, you are only committed for the quarter.

Do I pay the full tuition if I start mid quarter?
Tuition will be pro-rated for new students starting after the quarter has begun.

Do your students participate in any examinations?  
Yes! I prepare students (optional) for the Trinity College Music exams ( This is an internationally recognized program. Most students with good effort will have attained their Associates Degree by the time they are in High School. Leveled grades also offer high school and up to 10 college credits.

What if I cannot make it to a lesson? Will you replace the lesson or give me a refund credit? 
Unfortunately, due to a very tight schedule, I do not offer make-up credits or make-up lessons. Students may however, opt to Swap with each other or schedule a FaceTime/Hangouts lesson instead. In the event that I have to cancel a lesson, it will be replaced at my earliest convenience. All lessons attended and missed are tracked on my website. Please ensure that information reflected is accurate from time to time.